Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome Note

Let's layout a few ground rules....
  1. There are no expectations. If you want to come and just listen, play music, or be social then all is well by me.
  2. Anyone can join the club. We welcome new participates and encourage. If you would like to join, email with your name and phone number. If anyone is interested, then please pass along this url for further
  3. Ideas are welcomed. If you have an idea for a craft or want to lead a craft night, then send an email to with your suggestions.
  4. Donations are excepted, not required. In order to keep things simple, we won't be accepting money. However, donation such as craft supplies and food are highly encouraged. It is expected that you make on effort to bring your own supplies to each craft night, however don't stress yourself out if you haven't had the chance to pick up supplies. Someone will always have your back!
Well those sound pretty good to me. What do you think? Make sure to chime in by submitting a comment below!

Many Thanks,
Missy K.

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