Monday, October 4, 2010

We all Hate-to-Love Martha: Autumn Wreath

(Rising my fist in the air) Darn you Martha Stewart. I love your crafty style so much, that I will vow to painfully endure your creepy smile and twentysomething complexion. Needless to say... about 1 in every 3 women love her too, so the odds are in my favor. I'm not as much of a chump as I credit myself.

I mean if you think about it....Martha is to home economics, as Julia Child is to food (minus the incarceration); both devoted, inspirational conductors of making complicated tasks simple. Simple is exactly what I love about this DIY project:

Autumn Wreath: (Level: Easy)

Step 1
Cut 10- to 15-inch-long pieces of bittersweet. Gather them into bundles. For a 24-inch wreath form, we used 24 bundles with about 5 branches each.

Step 2
You can use either floral wire on a paddle or a roll of 20- to 24-gauge wire (available at hardware stores) to affix the bundles to the form. Attach the wire to a crossbar of the wreath form.

Step 3
Lay a bundle on the top of the form, and wrap the wire tightly around the stems three times. Do not cut the wire.

Step 4
Add another bundle so that its top overlaps the bottom half of the previous bundle; wrap wire around its stems. Continue adding branch bundles until you've covered the frame.Read more at Bittersweet Autumn Wreath - Martha Stewart Holidays

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